New Construction Homes

Higher Appreciation

New construction properties tend to appreciate more quickly than existing properties.


New construction properties offer you more flexibility in terms of design and customization. You can choose the floor plan, finishes, and other features that you want.

Lower Maintenance

New construction properties are built with newer construction techniques that are more energy-efficient and durable. Therefore are less likely to require repairs and maintenance than older properties and also saving you money on your energy bills.


New construction properties typically come with a warranty, which can protect you from unexpected repairs.

Newer Amenities

New construction properties often come with newer amenities that are not available in older properties. This can make your property more attractive to tenants and can increase its value.

Central Florida Real Estate: One Of The Hottest Markets in the US

In recent years, there has been a surge in the Central Florida real estate market. The rising population in the area, the pleasant climate, and the close proximity to amusement parks are a few elements that contribute to this rise.

Due to a number of factors, including its welcoming climate, plentiful employment possibilities, and reasonably priced housing, Central Florida’s population has been continuously growing. The demand for housing is predicted to increase along with the population growth.

People looking to escape colder climates are drawn to Central Florida by its temperate weather. Home prices have increased sharply as a result of this demand for housing in warmer climates.

A further factor in the region’s thriving real estate market is its closeness to internationally known theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. Millions of people visit these theme parks every year, and many of them decide to live nearby, increasing the demand for housing close to these attractions and raising home prices.

These elements have led to the current boom in Central Florida’s real estate market. Home prices have dramatically increased as inventory levels have reached an all-time low. Given the region’s ongoing population increase and the high demand for homes, this increasing trend is anticipated to remain for the foreseeable future.

Florida Strong Economy

Strong Economy

A number of significant employers, like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and the Kennedy Space Center, are located in Central Florida, which has a robust economy. A robust economy as a result of this has drawn in new citizens and enterprises.

Fl Growing Population_Nico Parra Realtor

Population Growth

Population growth in the area: Central Florida’s population has been rising quickly in recent years. A multitude of factors, including the region’s robust economy, pleasant temperature, and close proximity to the beach, are fueling this rise.

Florida Limited Home Inventory_Nico Parra Realtor

Limited Inventory

There aren’t many houses for sale in Central Florida. This is brought about by a number of elements, such as the prosperous economy and expanding populace of the area. It’s a very competitive market for buyers because there isn’t much available inventory.

Airbnb_Short Term Rental Property_Beachside_Central Florida_Nico Parra Realtor

These elements have led to the Central Florida real estate market performing significantly better than the other US real estate areas. In fact, a recent research by the National Association of Realtors revealed that in 2022, Central Florida would have the nation’s hottest real estate market.

In the coming years, it is anticipated that this tendency would persist. The Central Florida real estate market is expected to remain hot due to the area’s robust economy, expanding population, and low supply.

It’s critical to take action right away if you’re considering purchasing a house in Central Florida. Because of the intense competition in the market, prices will only go up.

Tourism Industry

Central Florida is a major tourist destination, and this has helped to drive demand for housing in the area.

Florida_Orlando_Tourism_Theme Park_Nico Realtor

Proximity to Major Cities

Central Florida is located within driving distance of major cities such as Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. This makes it a convenient place to live for people who work in these cities.


Proximity to Mayor Cities_Florida_Orlando_Nico Parra Realtor

Florida Lifestyle

Central Florida is known for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly atmosphere. This makes it a desirable place to live for many people.


FL Lifestyle_Beach_Nico Realtor

If you are looking for a hot real estate market, Central Florida is definitely worth considering. The region has a lot to offer, and the real estate market is sure to continue to perform well in the years to come.

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